Here is the place where food rules



A totally modern restaurant with a welcome unlike any other. It’s a place that has outstanding style and elegance, thanks to the uniforms of our dynamic, enthusiastic and warm-welcoming staff. According to the head chef Franck Mischler, it is the distillery for his fine yet rich cuisine. The menu itself is rich in locally produced goods, inviting customers to explore the wealth of regional, Savoyard delicacies.

Open daily from 7 to 11 pm. 



La Petite Cuisine does things its own way. This true family style restaurant relies heavily on quality, local produce, plus a great atmosphere. A high variety of meals and no holding back on the generosity, quality and taste of the dishes. Open everyday: 

From 7am to 10am for breakfast

From 12am to 3.30pm for lunch

From 7pm to 11pm for dinner



Alpine cows have so much to offer and our chef knows how to prepare the best typical mountain meals. Fondue and raclette are waiting for you, but get ready : here, local traditions meets boldness. We invite you to enjoy the most innovative traditional experience, everyday from 7pm to 11pm.



Overlook the Mont-Blanc! Italy is not that far, it’s just on the other side. Home made pizzas and Spritz are at the menu on this amazing terrace so that you can enjoy a truly Italian experience.

Open daily, from 3pm to 9pm. 



Your last checkpoint before your crazy ski session : here you will grab your meal in your backpack, carrying all daylong a piece of La Folie Douce Hotel : sandwiches and energy drinks to name a few… Also your first stop at the end of the day to enjoy the very last rays of sun and warm-up before an outstanding Après-ski.

Open daily from 9am to 5pm. 


Enjoy unlimited* La Petite Cuisine for breakfast and dinner: we propose a dinner menu* at 25 € per person (kids menu at 12€). 

*Starter, main course and dessert

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